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  • Difference Between .CO.IN and .IN Domain Name Extensions

    .co.in vs .in

    Both .co.in and .in are Domain Name Extensions like .com, .org, .biz, .us. We all started seeing .co.in which is for India and now we are also seeing .in domain name extension. Both look similar. Are they different in what sense? Do they affect SEO or SERP or Rankings of the website ? Which one to choose ? Let’s learn about the Differences between .co.in and .in Domain Name Extensions.

    What is the Difference Between .CO.IN and .IN Domain Name Extension

    .CO.IN extension is a Second Level Domain (SLD), which comes under .IN (Primary SLD). .CO.IN extension is more of a sub-category under .IN (Primary SLD). But, .CO.IN extension can be registered and used independently.

    For ex: You can have two different DIFFERENCEBETWEEN.CO.IN and DIFFERENCEBETWEEN.IN domains and websites hosted up and running.

    Like .CO.IN which is Secondary Level Domain, we can have below list of domains under .IN (primary SLD).

    List of Second Level Domains under .IN (available to everyone)

    1. .co.in (like DifferenceBetween.co.in
    2. .net.in
    3. .org.in
    4. .firm.in
    5. .gen.in
    6. .ind.in

    List of Second Level Domains under .IN (available to organizations and NOT to individuals)

    1. .ac.in
    2. .edu.in
    3. .res.in
    4. .ernet.in
    5. .gov.in
    6. .mil.in
    7. .nic.in

    Where to register .CO.IN or .IN Domains

    You can visit any other popular sites like GoDaddy.com. If you want to know the Full List of Registrars for .IN Domains. Please visit Official List of Registrars for .IN Domains

    Which one to choose .IN or .CO.IN (interms of SEO or Ranking) ?

    It really doesn’t matter. Content is King rest all comes afterwards. If you content is good.

    It matters but not much. Choose .IN over .CO.IN. But, you can see I chose .CO.IN 🙂

    These are the Difference between .co.in and .in, If you know more differences, Do contribute by leaving the comment. I will be happy to add them in this post.

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