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  • Difference Between pray and prey

    pray vs prey

    Both pray and prey are words in English language. But both are used in different situations and context. Check out the Differences between pray and prey.

    What is the difference between pray and prey?

    Well pray with an ‘a’ refers to the act of seeking or praising, mainly God. Or it can be praying to a court, or a judge, or authorities, implying you have a sense of humility and etiquette in asking for some favour, or justice. It differs from demand for in demand you affirm. In pray you are humble. From ‘pray’ comes prayer.

    Prey, with an e shows an animal is prying on another. It feeds on the small creature. The eagle preys upon many creatures, including some small birds. The uncaged parrot is an easy prey to the cat. In the social context, it refers to the way some sections exploit other groups. The daily wage earners are an easy prey to greedy money-lenders. The illiterate masses are an easy prey to the minister’s grandiose plans and rhetoric. The tiger preys upon mild animals like the deer and goats or cattle.

    These are the Difference between pray and prey, If you know more differences, Do contribute by leaving the comment. I will be happy to add them in this post.

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