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  • Difference Between Infant and Toddler

    Infant vs Toddler

    Both Infant and Toddler are related terms used for a Human Baby or a Young Child, but both have subtle differences between them. Check out the Differences between Infant and Toddler.



    1. Infant is a very young offspring of humans
    2. Infant is a newborn who is within hours, days or upto few weeks old.
    3. An infant in the first 28 days after birth.
    4. he term infant is derived from the Latin word infans, meaning “unable to speak” or “speechless.”.
    5. Infant is used for children who fall between ages 1 month and 12 months.



    1. Toddler is a young child who is learning or has recently started walking.
    2. Toddler is a baby who is few months old (10 Months +).
    3. Toddler child learns a great deal about social roles, develops motor skills, and first starts to use language.
    4. Todler usually fall under 10–23 months. They To toddle is to walk unsteadily; the term cruising is sometimes used for toddlers who cannot toddle but must hold onto something while walking. On average, a child begins walking between 9 and 14 months of age.

    From the above, One can make out that there is very slight difference between Infant and Toddler.

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