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  • Difference between Film and Movie

    Film vs Movie

    Film and Movie both are terms used for Movie. Both are forms of entertainments but they do have some subtle differences. Check out the Differences between Film and Movie


    Difference between Film and Movie

    • It is a relic term, existing since the time movies were actually made on film.
    • It refers to the film stock used to record images (Static – photography and Visual).
    • In common usage the word film is associate with movies that are artistic or educational, once that are not commercial
    • The word Film is still more prominently used in UK. Ex: BAFTA – The British Academy of Film and Television Arts


    Difference between Film and Movie

    • This term’s origin is in US when Motion Picture were shortened as the term – Movie or Movies.
    • The term movie is aimed at films that are made for wide audience with a profit motive.
    • The word Movie considering its origin is in US is mostly used in the country. Ex: Oscars – The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

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