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  • Difference Between ‘few’ and ‘a few’

    few vs a few

    Both ‘few’ and ‘a few’ are terms in English language. But both are used in different situations and contest. Check out the Differences between ‘few’ and ‘a few’.

    What is the difference between ‘few’ and ‘a few’?

    Obviously, a lot. ‘Few’ means none whereas ‘a few’ means some. When you say the plan has few takers, it means no one accepts the plan. It means the plan must be shleved. But if you say the plan has ‘a few’ takers, it means the plan has indeed some supporters. There is hope and you can push through the plan.

    Eg: I have few books on the topic/subject. It means I have NO books on the subject or topic. But when I say I have a few books on the subject, it means I do have some books on the subject or topic.

    These are the Difference between ‘few’ and ‘a few’, If you know more differences, Do contribute by leaving the comment. I will be happy to add them in this post.

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