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  • Difference Between Affect and Effect

    Affect vs Effect

    The words ‘Affect’ and ‘Effect’ look alike, but for one letter difference in the spelling and many people around the world use these words more often wrongly. The first one begins with ‘a’ and the second one has ‘e’ in its place. Yes, both have lots of differences.
    Now read the following point to point.


    1. The word ‘Affect’ is a verb.
    2. It means to change, and usually refers to an emotion or symptom..
    3. Affect may mean to alter the feelings of, or to change the mental state of someone or something.
    4. What effect did foot-and-mouth disease have on your business?
    5. (effect – noun) (“What consequence did foot-and-mouth…” sounds ok; effect is correct).


    1. The word ‘Effect’ is a noun.
    2. ‘Effect’ means to execute, produce, or accomplish something.
    3. Effect is the outcome derived after processing the Affect.
    4. Effect is always meaningful. Another word for effect is impact. It has a salutary effect reports state in newspaper. It means the policy or program me had an impact. (for salutary, see elsewhere).
    5. Output after processing the system is Effect.
      Understanding is easy.
      Effect is already in understandable form, it may be processed further to make it more understandable.
      Effect should be in the order.
      Example Reports, Knowledge.

    Hope you were able to learn the Difference Between Affect and Effect.

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