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  • Difference between Accuracy and Precision

    Precision vs Accuracy

    Accuracy and Precision are most commonly used terms when you talk about Math, Science, Engineering and so on. Both Accuracy and Precision are synonymous but both are different.

    Accuracy is the degree of closeness of a measurement of a quantity to a “true” value where as Precision is the number of times a measurement is close to a central value.

    Accuracy is the amount of times a thing is close to the ‘actual’ or ‘true’ value. Precision is the amount of times a thing comes with a result similar to a value.

    A measurement can be accurate, precise, both or none of these. A value can be precise but cannot be accurate. But, if the calculation keeps giving you same accurate result every time then, it means the results are both accurate and precise.

    In English language, accurate is means truth or without any errors, while precise is means defined, strict, neither more nor less.

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