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  • Difference Between Grid Computing and Cloud Computing

    Grid Computing vs Cloud Computing

    Grid Computing and Cloud Computing are two technologies. Both are related to Computing but has similarities and differences between them. Check out Differences between Grid Computing and Cloud Computing.

    Firstly, I will talk about the Similarities between Grid Computing and Cloud Computing.

    Similarties between Grid and Cloud Computing

    1. Grid Computing was the first then came Cloud Computing. You can say Cloud computing evolved from Grid computing.
    2. Both Cloud and Grid computing are Scalable.
    3. SaaS, IaaS and PaaS. All these are there in both cloud and grid computing.
    4. Grid Computing is used for high intensive computation which involves Number crunching and Clould Computing is used for requirements where you require High CPU usage, High storage and High bandwidth

    Differences Between Grid and Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing

    Grid Computing

    Grid Computing

    1. Cloud Computing came after Grid Computing came.
    2. Cloud Computing is where an application doesn’t access resources directly but access it via Service.
    3. The application talks to service and then service maps to available resources and may talk to different types of devices and provides the service.
    4. Using Cloud Computing, organizations can easly scale up without investing on new infrastructure, etc.,
    5. If we need more power, we can add more nodes to the grid and get the computation faster.

    Grid Computing

    Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing

    1. Grid Computing is parent of Cloud Computing.
    2. Grid Computing involves more than one computer to solve the problem.
    3. Grid Computing is used mainly for CPU intensive calculations which can be divided into multiple tiny tasks and which can be executed parallelly on different nodes.
    4. Using Grid Computing, organizations can scale up by increasing the grids but needs more upfront hardware cost to setup the nodes.
    5. If we need more power, service itself will try to allocate more resources to make the task run faster.

    A cloud would usually use a grid. A grid is not necessarily a cloud or part of a cloud.

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