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  • Difference Between Dial-up and Broadband Connection

    Dail-up vs Broadband
    Dial-up and Broadband are connections from PC to Internet. One can say both are ways to connect to Internet. Check out Differences between Dial-up and Broadband.


    Dial-up Connection

    1. Dial-up connection is the one which the PC connects to the internet (WAN) by dialing up through a phone line.
    2. Dial-up connection speed limit is limited to 56kbps.
    3. In Dial-up connection you dail up to the internet using phone line so the charges as per the local call per minute or based on the operator charges. It is basically phone call charges.
    4. In Dial-up connection the phone line will busy when connect to internet so no body can call to your number when you are connected to Internet.
    5. Dial-up connection uses analog transmission there by it is difficult to attain high speed so surfing the interenet for wathing videos or playing online games is difficult.
    6. In Dial-up connection, the analog signal must be translated to digital and viceversa, hence it will be slower. It uses built-in modem to connect and does not require a special router
    7. Dial-up connection is more secured than broadband connection.


    Broadband connection

    1. Broadband connection connects PC to the internet via cable, telephone line, etc.,
    2. Broadband connection speed is much more can go upto 50 Mbps also.
    3. In Broadband connection no Dial-up charges are there but a some charge is charged on monthly or weekly or yearly basis and there might be some data bandwidth usage based charges.
    4. In Broadband connection if connected via telephone line, you can browse the internet and also make / receive calls simultaneously.
    5. Broadband connection uses digital transmission, it uses the different frequency range hence doesn’t interfere with the voice transmission of phone line and it is faster and allows to attain high speed.
    6. In Broadband connection, a special router or modem is required
    7. Broadband connection is suspetible to cyber attacks hence, firewall is needed.

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