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  • Difference Between 720P and 1080P

    720P vs 1080P

    In this post, you will learn the Difference Between 720p and 1080p.


    Screen resolution is measured in pixels.
    Group of pixels form an image.
    The clarity of an image is proportional to number of pixels i.e, pixel density
    HD resolution refers to 1280X720 pixels effectively 2,073,600 pixels.
    Full HD resolution means 1920X1080 pixels effectively 1,036,800 pixels.
    As the number of pixels are more in FULL HD resolution ,images tend to be sharper and clear in Full HD compared to HD.
    The below image explains the how pixels are divided

    resolution difference

    resolution difference


    These are key to understand in high definition.
    Interlaced video has been used from many years and is the fundamental technology behind standard definition.In interlaced videos every frame is divided into 2 fields.In one of the frame the even line is black and the odd line has all the information and in the other field odd line is black and the even line has all the information. Combining these 2 fields gives 1 frame and these fields flash back and forth very quickly in such a manner that human eye cannot perceive the changes in the field.This means at any moment you do not have full resolution available with you. So,Half the resolution is virtual in interlaced videos. Below image describes the concept in pictorial manner

    interlaced image

    Interlaced video concept

    Also interlaced videos produce interlaced artifacts.When you see a fast moving object like a football on screen you see lines and smudges that appear on the object because half the information is virtual and human eye is able to perceive the changes in the fields.

    Progressive video is one in which every single line of resolution is on the screen all the time. The is no concept of virtual field in progressive videos.So all the data of image is on the screen always.So progressive videos do not produce lines and smudges on the screen.The picture is pure and perfect

    1080P AND 720P

    1080p means 1080 progressive lines of resolution.1080p is called as full high definition(FULL HD).
    720p means 720 progressive lines of resolution.720p is called as high definition(HD).

    720P vs 1080P

    720P vs 1080P

    1080i means 1080 virtual lines of resolution,effectively 540 progressive lines of resolution.This is because it appears as 1080 lines of resolution but as half of lines in a field are black 540 are only visible on screen.
    A lot of people tend to be carried away with number ‘1080’, infact quality wise 720p is better than 1080i resolution.
    In smaller screens you cannot notice much difference between HD and FULL HD but as screen size increases the difference becomes noticeable. All plasma televisions,LED screens,LCD screens have progressive displays.

    The highest broadcast resolution today is 720 progressive lines and 1080 interlaced lines. So 720p is highly recommendable especially if you have a plasma tv or LED or LCD screen.
    the below image picture tells us the distance vs screen size relationship
    Viewing distance vs screen size

    Nowadays displays with resolution 2160p and 4320p are also available

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