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  • Posts Tagged ‘Programming’

    Difference Between Function and Method

    Tweet Function vs Method When people talk about function and method terms are used synonymously in computer science or programming languages. Both are independent unit of code which can be called. Below are the Differences Between Function and Method… Method A method does not have independent existence and has to be defined with in a […]

    Difference between Perl and Python

    Tweet Perl vs Python Perl and Python are both scripting languages which are used to complete small tasks on the computer. Both support Object Oriented Programming and both are interpreted languages. Check out the below Difference between Perl and Python. Click here for Difference Between Static Method and Class Method in Python Perl Perl was […]

    Difference between IOC and AOP in Spring

    Tweet IOC vs AOP IOC and AOP are concepts in Spring Framework. IOC is Inversion of Control or Dependency Injection and AOP is Aspect-Oriented Programming. Both are different concepts which are part of Spring framework. Read below point-wise Difference between IOC and AOP in Spring – Check out Difference Between Springs and Struts IOC in […]

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