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  • Posts Tagged ‘finance’

    Difference between Cash and Derivatives Markets

    Tweet Cash vs Derivatives Markets Both Cash and Derivatives markets are components of a wider financial market. However that is where the similarity ends. They are poles apart when transactions in these markets are put into perspective. So let’s check out the difference between these markets. What is the difference between Cash and Derivatives market?

    Difference between Factoring and Invoice Discounting

    Tweet Factoring vs Invoice Discounting Factoring and Invoice Discounting are terms used in Finance. Both are services in finance which allows businesses to release funds which are stuck as unpaid invoices. In these both financial services, A third party company usually advances money against outstanding balances. It helps releasing cash against monies which is already […]

    Difference between Merger and Acquisition

    Tweet Merger vs Acquisition Merger and acquisition are very well known terms that are used when people are talking about companies, organizations. They are processes of corporate restructuring. Both are defined as a process of combining two or more companies together. Both look similar but they are different terms used under different situations. Check out […]

    Difference Between IVA and Bankruptcy

    Tweet IVA vs Bankruptcy IVA (individual voluntary arrangement) and Bankruptcy are terms in Finance. Check out main Differences between IVA and Bankruptcy. IVA and Bankruptcy, both are options that a person or company can choose when they have unmanageable debts and there’s no way out, in that cases you might need to consider for Bankruptcy. […]

    Difference Between Share and Stock

    Tweet Share vs Stock In common parlance, share means a portion or part of something. It is often a share of one’s earning, profit or it can be a share of sorrows, depending on the context. Once can also share physical or fiscal burden in a task. Likewise, stock refers to accumulated or stored substance. […]

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