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  • Difference between ODI and Test Cricket

    ODI vs Test Cricket

    Test and ODI are two different formats in the sport of Cricket. Following are differences between Test and ODI Cricket Match.


    ODI Cricket

    1. ODI is also called as One Day International.
    2. ODI Format was started in 1970’s.
    3. ODI cricket is played with White Colored ball.
    4. ODI cricket is played either as a Day Match or Day and Night Match.
    5. In ODI Cricket Match, Each player wears a Colored Clothing outfit.
    6. Each team plays 50 overs of bowling and batting
    7. Each bowler can bowl only 10 overs (MAX).
    8. ODI match has 2 innings. Each inning played by a Team
    9. ODI game is completed in around 7 hours of time
    10. A team can win or loss the match and in case of a tied match, both the teams ends up on a same score. Both teams share 1 points each.


    Test Cricket

    1. Test is also called as Test Cricket.
    2. Test is the oldest format in Cricket.
    3. Test cricket is played with Red Colored ball.
    4. Test cricket is played as a Day Match. In Future, ICC is thinking of implementing Test Cricket as Day and Night Match.
    5. In Test Cricket Match, Each player wears a White Colored Clothing outfit.
    6. Each team plays 2 Innings each of both bowling and batting. There is no limit in the number of overs. The innings come to an end if all the 10 wickets are taken by the bowling team or the batting team goes for an early declaration.
    7. Each bowler can bowl any number of overs (unlimited).
    8. Test match has 4 innings. Each Team plays Batting and Bowling 2 times.
    9. Test game is played over the period of 5 Days.
    10. A team can win, loose or draw the Test Match. There is a special case where the Test match is tied if both the team looses all thier wickets on the same score.

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