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  • Difference Between Left Brain and Right Brain | Left Brain v Right Brain

    Left Brain vs Right Brain

    Before illustrating you the Difference Between Left Brain Vs Right Brain, Let me recall a small conversation that I read,

    An Interviewer asked Einstein how did he develop these complex scientific theories. Then after 3 sec gap (Einstein reportedly pointing to his head) said that he used a pencil and a piece of paper to develop his ideas.)

    This clearly demonstrates the perfect union of analytic and creativity in problem-solving.

    Many famous scientific theories came out during Einstein’s working process, the theory of relativity is one of them.

    Nothing could better illustrate the integration of left brain and right brain than business thinking: logic and reasoning coupled with imagination and creativity.

    What is the difference between Left Brain and Right Brain?

    Left v Right Brain
    Human brain has about 1000 billion neurons. An average of have about 100 trillion connections are estimated between each neuron and it’s neighbors, each capable of a simultaneous calculation, which is rather massive parallel processing, and key reason to the strength of human thinking. A profound weakness, however, is the agonizing slow speed of neural circuitry, only 200 calculations per second. This controls our various kinds of thinking.

    Typical theory of left-brain or right-brain dominance says, each side of the brain controls different types of thinking. Additionally, people are said to prefer one type of thinking over the other. For example, a person who is “left-brained” is often said to be more logical, analytical, and objective, while a person who is “right-brained” is said to be more intuitive, thoughtful, and subjective.

    Below are the noticed characteristics that are controlled by Left Brain and Right brain

    The left-side of the brain is considered to be adept at tasks that involve logic, language and analytical thinking. The left-brain is often described as being better at:

    Left Brain Attributes

    Critical thinking

    Right Brain Attributes

    According to the left-brain, right-brain dominance theory, the right side of the brain is best at expressive and creative tasks. Some of the abilities that are popularly associated with the right side of the brain include:

    Recognizing faces
    Expressing emotions
    Reading emotions

    More stuff to take in…. lets see an example…

    Now lets go to below image which shows a left brain – right brain conflict…

    Left v Right Brain Conflict

    Left Right Brain Conflict

    More Confusion

    Now, how do we work on the left brain or right brain?

    Most of us won’t have a difficult time accessing left brain mode, but here are a few exercises to that use your Left Brain:

    Left Brain Exercises

    Play with Crosswords puzzles
    Do Math exercises
    Play Number puzzles like Sudoku
    Do Memory Retention exercises
    Play Spelling games
    Get some brain teasers

    Right Brain Exercises

    Play(Interaction with stuff)

    These are the Difference between Left Brain and Right Brain, If you know more differences, Do contribute by leaving the comment. I will be happy to add them in this post.

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