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  • Difference between Perl and Python

    Perl vs Python

    Perl and Python are both scripting languages which are used to complete small tasks on the computer. Both support Object Oriented Programming and both are interpreted languages. Check out the below Difference between Perl and Python.

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    • Perl was developed by Larry Wall in 1987. It is older and more used than Python.
    • Perl uses braces to group the statements together.
    • Perl can be bit complex and harder to learn compared to Python. It will become more complex when the program becomes too big.
    • Perl is older to python so you will find more modules compared to python modules.
    • Perl is harder to debug compared to Python.



    • Python was developed by Goido van Rossum at CWI in the Netherlands in 1989. It is newer than perl.
    • Python uses indentation instead of using braces. Most of the programmers use indentation along with braces. So, it looked that braces are redundant by using the change in indentation to indicate the start or the end of the block.
    • Python is intuitive and very easy to code and learn for the beginners.
    • The number of modules in Python are lesser than Perl.
    • Python is easier to debug compared to Perl.

    These are the few differences between Perl and Python.

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