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  • Difference Between Nokia 5233 and Nokia C3

    Nokia 5233 vs Nokia C3

    If you are looking for Nokia mobile below 6000, then there is a very good chance that the final decision will come down to a head to head comparison between Nokia 5233 and Nokia C3. These are the only good alternatives available from Nokia in that price range (Nokia X2 is another good phone). Any comparison has to start with the price because there is no logic in comparing two mobiles at absolutely different price points. Difference in price is not an big issue in this case because Nokia 5233 price in India is Rs. 5999 while the Nokia C3 price in India is Rs. 5,510.

    Moving beyond price, the biggest difference between 5233 and C3 is that the 5233 is a touch screen phone while the C3 is a QWERTY phone. Moreover the 5233 is a smart phone while C3 is not. Hence if either of those properties are a must have for you then the choice is made at this stage itself.

    The Nokia C3 has a better battery and has wi-fi support which is absent in the 5233. The 5233 boasts of a larger screen (3.2 inch vs 2.4 inch screen for the C3). There is no difference in the camera as both of them have a 2 megapixel camera. A 2 mega pixel camera may not be super impressive but good enough at their price point.

    If you are a regular user of social networking, then the C3 may be a better choice as it has built in social networking applications. The 5233 supports social networking as well but not that well. The 5233 has some interesting features like proximity sensor and accelerometer sensor.

    Finally the choice really boils down to if you need a touch screen based smart phone or if you need a good social networking mobile with QWERTY keyboard. All other parameters are in line with what you shall expect from mobile phones below Rs. 6000.

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