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  • Difference between iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III

    iPhone 5 vs Samsung S III

    iPhone 5 and Samsung S III are high end smart phones from Apple and Samsung respectively. Both mobiles were launched to conquer the market. Both mobiles are doing well. The similarity between iPhone 5 and Samsung S III is that they are smart phones. Check out the below Difference between iPhone 5 and Samsung S III.

    iPhone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S III

    iPhone 5

    • Design : iPhone 5 offers a slim aluminium back cover with a non-removable battery and a fingerprint and oil resistant screen (front cover.) Dimensions are: 128.8 mm height, 58.6 mm width and 7.6 mm thickness.
    • Screen : It offers a 4 inch IPS screen with 1136 x 640 res (306 dpi.) In the dark you are supplied with maximum brightness and a less reflective screen surface.
    • Software : iPhone 5 uses iOS 6 which has had its growing pains and needed updating shortly after release..
    • Apple uses Apple maps which is not as good as Google Maps.
    • IPhone 5 has the standard applications that are expected from smartphones, plus a few notable ones; Siri, Safari, iSight camera, iCloud and Passbook. While these are some unique features, they just don’t answer to the IPhone’s fans for wanting new and better features and applications.

    Samsung S III

    • Design : Samsung Galaxy S III offers a plastic back cover with a removable battery and a Corning Gorilla Glass II screen (front cover.) Dimensions are 136.6 mm height, 70.6 mm width and 8.6 mm thickness.
    • Screen : It 4.8 inch super AMOLED 1280 x 720 res (326 dpi.) Rich colours and deep blacks are supplied but the screen is more reflective. Samsung is better here compared to iPhone 5.
    • Software : Samsung uses the android 4.1 Jelly Bean a standardize operating system that has had the quirks taken care of before release.
    • Samsung SIII uses Google Maps. Here Samsung is better.
    • Samsung Galaxy SIII has so many new, useful and intriguing applications such as smart stay, direct call smart alert, social tag, sVoice, sBeam, Share Cast, All Share Play and Smart keyboard. Also included are the standard Google search, Google maps, Gmail, YouTube and Google play store.

    iPhone 5 vs Samsung S III Conclusion

    Apple’s iPhone appears to be stuck in rut software wise. Users were expecting more of a bang for their buck with the iPhone 5, unfortunately it didn’t deliver with the iPhone 5 and speculation is that there won’t be much marked improvement in the new iPhone 6. iPhone autonomy has been totally usurped by the Samsung Galaxy S III, and it is unsure whether Apple will change direction with the iPhone and be able to regain its leadership in the smartphone market.

    These are the few differences between iPhone 5 and Samsung S III.

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