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  • Difference between Induced Coma and Coma

    Induced Coma vs Coma

    Induced Coma and Coma is a state of unconsciousness lasting more than six hours, in which a person: cannot be awakened; fails to respond normally to painful stimuli, light, or sound; lacks a normal sleep-wake cycle; and, does not initiate voluntary actions.

    The main difference is Coma is natural phenomenon which can occur due to shock or brain injury or accident where as Induced Coma is a temporary coma brought by a controlled dose of a barbiturate drug.

    Read below point-wise Difference between Induced Coma and Coma

    Induced Coma

    Induced Coma Degree

    • A patient under the barbitude drug goes into Induced Coma state. It is similar to Coma state only difference is that they are in coma due to drug.
    • Induced Coma (Barbiturate comas) are used to protect the brain during major neurosurgery, and as a last line of treatment in certain cases of status epilepticus that have not responded to other treatments..


    • A coma patient may appear to be awake, they are unable to consciously feel, speak, hear, or move..
    • A patient goes into coma state due to injury to main two components either cerebral cortex or brainstem, called reticular activating system (RAS or ARAS).

    Induced Coma Details

    Barbiturates reduce the metabolic rate of brain tissue, as well as the cerebral blood flow. With these reductions, the blood vessels in the brain narrow, decreasing the amount of space occupied by the brain, and hence the intracranial pressure. The hope is that, with the swelling relieved, the pressure decreases and some or all brain damage may be averted. Several studies have supported this theory by showing reduced mortality when treating refractory intracranial hypertension with a barbiturate coma.

    Jesse Ryder, New Zealand Cricketer who plays T20, ODI and Test is in Induced Coma due to the injury on his head.

    These are the few differences between Induced Coma and Coma.

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