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  • Difference Between GMP and GLP

    GMP vs GLP

    GMP is Good Manufacturing Practices – applies to goods that are intended for human use

    GLP is Good Laboratory Practices – a set of guidelines intended for maintenance of integrity and quality of lab data that is used by manufacturing companies.

    GMP and GLP are regulations that are governed by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Health Care product manufacturers. These regulations ensure the safety and integrity of drugs. Check out main Differences between GMP and GLP.

    GMP and GLP, both are to protect the health interests of end consumers but have differences in the approach and uses different systems. Both GMP and GLP is a brainchild of FDA.

    GLP gives you a chance to ‘start over’, with your debts written off. All the assets sold off and the proceeds divided among the lenders.

    Both, GLP and GMP ensures high quality of products as well as their lab procedures. GMP and GLP have become synonymous of assurance of quality. Companies those have these certifications increases the confidence in the consumers and thereby increasing their business.

    Differences between GMP and GLP


    1. GMP is older and was introduced in 1963 21 CFR Part 211.
    2. GMP focuses on facilities and buildings, equipment, production, process control, packaging and labeling, laboratory controls, and returned/salvaged drug products.
    3. GMP is costly and simpler than GLP.
    4. GMP certificates are given to those who are in biological, bio pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical development, and manufacturing industries fields.
    5. one has to complete four training courses to get GMP Certification.


    1. GLP was introduced in 1978 after GMP as 21 Code Federal Regulations Part 58.
    2. GLP focuses on personnel and organizational, testing facilities, equipment, testing and controls, records, reports, and protocol for and conduct of non-clinical labs.
    3. GLP is cheaper and cumbersome than GMP.
    4. GMP certificates are given for laboratory settings.
    5. one has to complete four training courses to get GMP Certification.

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