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  • Difference Between Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

    Chemical Engineering vs Chemistry

    Chemicals are basically minerals and study about Chemicals is called as Chemistry then What is Chemical Engineering? How Chemistry study is different from Chemical Engineering.

    Below you will learn the Differences between Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

    Chemical Engineering:

    Chemical Engineering deals with how a particular chemical is of use or value and how it can be produced on a large scale optimizing production costs.It involves design of production plants considering various factors like reaction time,reaction rates,side reactions,thermodynamics and fluid mechanics which involve a lot of innovation.
    Impianto distillazione doppio effetto

    Consider an example of cooking rice.
    Chemical engineering deals with size of rice cooker,the time required for cooking and water to rice ratio i.e how much reactants to put into reactors.

    Rate equations determine how fast products are formed.
    Thermodynamics is needed to know energy absorbed or released in a reaction.
    Chemical Engineers are always concerned about factors related to production of chemicals like pressure,volume,temperature,concentration,catalyst,reaction time,side reactions,reactants,reactor sequence,quality of products and production costs.

    Noticing size of reactors ,plan operating costs ,rate of reaction as well as quality of final products are also done by chemical engineers

    A chemical engineer has knowledge of mathematics and physics and a good understanding of Chemistry.
    Apart from them chemical engineers have a vast knowledge of thermodynamics ,fluid mechanics and underlying mathematics and about production design along with optimization techniques.

    Degree in Chemistry:

    Chemistry is study of matter. chemists are mainly concerned how the process occurs i.e., they focus on molecules, how they interact and how to manipulate them to produce the required product.They also find many ways to synthesize a compound.

    For example consider how a compound is manufactured.Chemists discover the process to synthesize the compound.
    Chemists are not involved either manufacturing costs,the wastes generated with the production.
    Chemists mainly focus on discovery of processes i.e where as chemical engineers focus on manipulating the reactants to maximize production and make products available at an affordable price.

    A chemist mainly focuses on chemical reactions and properties of chemicals . Chemists also have strong foundation in general Chemistry, bio-chemistry,Chemistry of carbon compounds and Chemistry at molecular and atomic levels.They also possess basic knowledge of calculus and physics.

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