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  • Difference between Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT)

    Computer Science (CS) vs Information Technology (IT)

    Most of us will be under assumption that Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT) are same or similar Engineering course. But this is not the case. Below, I will explain you what are the subtle differences between the both CS and IT degrees.

    An example which illustrates Difference Between computer scientists and IT professionals:

    Consider a house, computer scientists are the ones who design and build the house and provide necessary facilities like electricity,plumbing etc.IT professionals are the ones who live in the house and utilize it for desired purpose.

    Computer Scientist

    • Computer scientists focus on design and development of software, which make the computer work i.e., operating system of computers.
    • Computer scientists possess good programming and algorithmic skills and use them to manipulate data.
    • Computer scientists undergo courses on fundamentals of programming languages,algorithm design,discrete mathematics,theory of computation,software design and development.

    Job Prospects For Computer Scientists:

    • Software Development Engineers
    • Application Developers
    • Web Developers

    Information Technology

    • IT Professionals mainly utilize the software and operating systems to make a larger system to render business solutions.
    • IT Professionals possess critical thinking and analytical skills.IT deals with collecting information and its retrieval.They bridge the gap between software developers and businessmen.They operate on tools designed by computer scientists without knowing their implementation details.
    • IT professionals undergo courses on network architecture,information security,information storage,database management and system analysis and basic programming.

    Job Prospects For IT Professionals:

    • Information Security Analysts
    • Database Administrators
    • System Administrators
    • Computer Support Staff

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