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  • Difference between Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degree

    Associate’s vs Bachelor’s Degree

    Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degree are degrees awarded to the students who enroll and complete it. Both are degrees but are different in terms of duration, cost, etc.,

    Read below point-wise Difference between Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degree

    Associate Degree vs Bachelor Degree

    Associate’s Degree

    • Associate Degree is a 2-year (60 hrs / semester) degree.
    • Associate Degree is cheaper and are offered in community colleges.

    Bachelor’s Degree

    • Bachelor Degree is a 4-year (120 hrs / semester) degree.
    • Associate Degree are expensive and are offered in universities.

    Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degree Features

    Both degrees includes general education requirements, electives and major coursework.

    Misconceptions on Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degree

    Lot of people around the world (esp. in India) tend to think that earning a Bachelor’s Degree over an Associate’s Degree will give better jobs and therefore more money. In a sense it is true due to the way companies shortlist the profiles. They prefer a regular degree over a non regular or associate degree.

    I think it really depends on the geographical location. In some countries, students first complete associate’s degree and start working and then take a break to do Bachelor’s degree.

    These are the few differences between Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degree.

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