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  • Difference between Hardware and Software

    Hardware vs Software

    Hardware and Software both are two eyes of Information Technology. Knowing the main Differences between Hardware and Software is essential for every user working with Computers. Following point wise differences not only makes you familiarize with the terms Hardware and Software, but also helps you in gaining conceptual knowledge.


    difference between hardware and software

    • Physical components of a computer system which we can touch and feel are called Hardware.
    • Hardware must required to run the Software.
    • Computer Hardware can be broadly categorized into 2 types. 1.Input / Output Devices 2. Processing devices
    • Keyboard , Mouse, Monitor, Joystick etc.. which required to give input to the computer and capable to display the output comes under Input / Output Devices. Processor, Mother Board, Memory etc. responsible for background operations and processing comes under Processing Devices.
    • Hardware understands only Binary Digits 0s(Zeros) and 1s(Ones) in the form of voltage pulses.
    • Professional and Expert in Hardware is called Hardware Engineer.
    • Various metals, ceramics, plastics, semiconductors, and composites are used in the making of Hardware. Eg. Silicon, copper Plastic polymers etc..


    difference between hardware and  software

    • Set of Instructions called programs responsible for running computer is called Software.
    • Software makes Hardware to run.
    • Computer Software can be broadly divided into two categories 1. System Software 2. Application Software.
    • Operating System of the Computer which Manages all the devices, memory, software’s of the computer comes under System Software.Examples of System Software are Windows , Lunux Operating Systems etc. Where as Software used for specific applications like Word Processing, Spread sheets maintaining is called Application Software. Examples of Application Software’s are MS Word, Excel etc.
    • Software tells the Hardware everything in the form of Binary Digits 0s(Zeros) and 1s(Ones) only.
    • Professional and Expert in Software is called Software Engineer.
    • Programming Languages are used to create Software. Eg. C, C++, Java etc..

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