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  • Difference between Ethernet Hub and Network Switch

    Switch (Network) vs Hub (Ethernet Hub)

    Hub (Ethernet Hub) and Switch (Network) are computer networking devices that are used to link network segments or network devices. These are used as bridge between multiple networks like LAN and MAN.
    Ethernet Hub
    Hub (Ethernet Hub) is a dumb device where as Network Switch is an intelligent device.

    Hub (Ethernet Hub) has multiple ports which connects to multiple computers or printers. Hub act as a broadcast. All devices connected to Ethernet Hub will receive packets irrespective whether they are recipients or not where as Network Switch uses a mapping table that contain entries of IP address and Lan card MAC address. As packet arrives, switch decides to which PC the packets need to be directed to by looking into Mapping table.

    Hackers can easily eavesdrop on the packets if the network is connected using Hub whereas it is difficult and not straight forward if the devices in a network are connected via Network Switch. Ethernet Hub is cheaper than Network Switch. Network Switch will cost few more dollars.
    Network Switch
    Yahoo Messenger is not safe if your computer is connected to internet via Ethernet Hub. Check this Is Yahoo Chat Safe?

    These are the differences between Network Switch and Ethernet Hub.

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