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  • Difference between Dual-Core and Multi-Core Processors

    Dual-Core vs Multi-Core Processors

    Dual-Core processors has two cores in the processor where as Multi-Core processors has more than one core. A Dual-core processor is a type of multi-core processor, however, not all multi-core processors are Dual-core processors. A multi-core processors can be Dual-core, quad-core or hexa-core processors.

    The main differentiater is the number of cores in the processor.

    Below are more Difference between Dual-Core and Multi-Core Processors.


    • Dual-Core processor has two cores in the processor.
    • Dual-Core processor performs faster than the single core.

    Multi-Core Processors

    • Multi-Core Processors can have more than one core, it can be dual core, quad core or hexa core.
    • Multi-core processors with more cores can perform multiple tasks simultaneously there by performance throughput is high.

    These are the few differences between Dual-Core and Multi-Core Processors.

    Posted under: Computers
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