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  • Difference between a Notebook and a Laptop

    Notebook vs Laptop

    In today’s world, Notebooks and Laptops are widely used. They both look similar, But have lot of differences between them. Knowing the Difference Between Notebook and Laptop may help you to choose the right product.


    Difference between Notebook and Laptop 1

    1. Designed for outdoor usage
    2. Less Weight and Size
    3. NO DVD/CD Drive
    4. Battery life is more (Average of 4 to 6 Hours)
    5. Less Power Consumption
    6. Minimal graphics availability
    7. Processor capacity is less (Celeron, Atom, Sempron type processors)
    8. Mostly used for Internet , Power Point presentations and small documents
    9. Maximum available brands are not upgradable.
    10. Comes with only one Partition.


    Difference between Notebook and Laptop 2

    1. Designed for Indoor, Outdoor usage
    2. More weight and big size compared to Notebook
    3. Most Laptops contains DVD RW Drive
    4. Battery life is less compared to Notebook (Average 2 to 4 Hours)
    5. More Power Consumption compared to Notebook
    6. Compatible for Powerful graphic cards
    7. Processor Capacity is more (Intel i3 to i7, Core2 Duo, Dual Core etc.)
    8. Can be used for all most all types of computer applications.
    9. Most brands are upgradable.
    10. More than one partitions available.

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