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  • Archive for the ‘Animal’ Category

    Difference between Horse and Pony

    Tweet Horse vs Pony Horse and Pony both are Animals. They are mammals. The main difference between Horse and Pony is the height. But the differences of pony and horse doesn’t stop there. There are more Difference between Horse and Pony. The main difference is this: a pony stands 14.2 hands high (58 in. or […]

    Difference Between Ants and Termites

    Tweet Ants vs Termites Ants and Termites are insects. Check out more and specific Differences between Ants and Termites. They belong to phyllum Arthropoda in the classification of animals. Ants are small and find mention in folklore with tales woven around them about their team effort and social communication. Termites, too, live in huge colonies […]

    Difference between Alligator and Crocodile

    Tweet Alligator vs Crocodile Alligator and Crocodile are Reptiles. Alligator and Crocodile both are often confused and creates lots of doubt in the minds as to which one is alligator or crocodile. Both look very similar but they do have some differences. Crocodile looks more powerfull than Alligator? Check out the differences between Crocodile and […]

    Difference between Ox and Bull

    Tweet Ox vs Bull Ox and Bull both are mammals. Both look similar but they do share some differences. Bull sounds like the ‘he’ of cow… then who is an ox? Check out the differences between Bull and Ox. Ox Ox are larger than bull. Ox are used for plowing and other farming activities. Also, […]

    Difference between Mouse and Rat

    Tweet Mouse vs Rat Mouse and Rat both are mammals. Both look similar but they do share some differences. Check out the differences between Rat and Mouse. Mouse Mouse are generally small muroid (large superfamily rodents). Mouse are mainly kept as pets as they are mostly docile and easily maintained. Mouse can reproduce quickly. So […]

    Difference Between Hare and Rabbit

    Tweet Hare vs Rabbit Hare and Rabbit are mammals and look similar but they do have some differences. Check out the Differences between Hare and Rabbit. Hare Hare are born precocial( relatively mature and mobile) and are able to see Hare are larger than rabbits Hare has Longer ears and black markings on their fur […]

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