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  • Difference between Maestro and RoadMate

    RoadMate vs Maestro

    Maestro and RoadMate both are two different GPA devices. Both have some differences between them. They are products of Magellan Navigation. Magellan Navigation is a popular GPS (Global Positioning System) company which produces various types of GPS devices.

    Following are the point wise differences between Microsoft Maestro and RoadMate.

    The Key Difference between RoadMate and Maestro is that Maestro is better than RoadMate for off-road settings and RoadMate is better for road navigation.


    Magellan Maestro

    • Magellan Maestro is multipurpose GPS. It supports all types of terrains and can generate 3D maps.
    • Maestro is cheaper compared to Maestro. The price is less than $100.
    • Maestro comes with a touch screen.
    • Maestro is not just restricted to Car. It can be used while walking as well.
    • It comes with bluetooth.


    Magellan RoadMate

    • Magellan RoadMate is developed for road navigation and gives turn by turn directions.
    • RoadMate price range is between $100 to $300.
    • RoadMate comes with a touch screen.
    • RoadMate is used for only Cars.
    • It comes with bluetooth.

    These are the some of the Differences between RoadMate and Maestro

    Both RoadMate and Maestro comes with microSD slot and are accurate if the range is within 10 to 16 feets.
    Both of them come with Lithium ion battery and has same LCD screen size of 4.7 inches.

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