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  • Difference between Mouse and Rat

    Mouse vs Rat

    Mouse and Rat both are mammals. Both look similar but they do share some differences. Check out the differences between Rat and Mouse.



    1. Mouse are generally small muroid (large superfamily rodents).
    2. Mouse are mainly kept as pets as they are mostly docile and easily maintained.
    3. Mouse can reproduce quickly. So there are many generations of mice over a short period of time. One good reason for using mouse in laboratory research.



    1. the main difference being that rats are large muroid rodents.
    2. Rat are only specially bred rats are kept as pets.
    3. Rats are used in many experimental studies( genetics, diseases, the effects of drugs).

    Interesting info about Mouse and Rat

    • Its a rat in the popular story ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’
    • rats are a popular choice for certain tests due to their high intelligence, ingenuity, aggressiveness and adaptability- that is much more of human psychology.
    • mouse known for olfactory sense

    These are the main differences between Mouse and Rat.

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