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  • Difference between Horse and Pony

    Horse vs Pony

    Horse and Pony both are Animals. They are mammals. The main difference between Horse and Pony is the height. But the differences of pony and horse doesn’t stop there. There are more Difference between Horse and Pony.

    The main difference is this: a pony stands 14.2 hands high (58 in. or 147 cm.) or less at the withers, and a horse is 14.2 hands or taller. Both ponies and horses are considered equines.


    Difference Between Horse and Pony

    • Horse is usually 4 ft 10 in, 147 cm tall at the area between the shoulder.
    • Horse has long legs, thin neck and small chest.
    • Horse are not stronger and cannot bear cold weather.
    • Horse weight is lesser compared to ponies and hair is thinner
    • Horse temperament is weak and intelligence is also less compared to pony.


    Difference Between Pony and Horse

    • Pony is much shorter than horse.
    • Ponies have short legs, stocky frames, thick neck and big chest.
    • Ponies are stronger, harder and can sustain cold weather.
    • Pony weight is more compared to ponies and hair is thicker.
    • Ponies have calmer temperament and has high level of equine intelligence.

    These are the few differences between Horse and Pony.

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